HED has developed custom multiplexing solutions and utilized CANLink standard modules to meet the extreme environmental requirements of the military industry. For controlling the hydraulically driven boom functions on military cranes and wreckers to controlling cab and chassis functions like lights, wipers and fans, HED can provide a complete multiplexed solution that will reduce the cost and complexity.

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Potential Applications:

Boom Functions of Cranes & Wreckers

  • Controlling boom functions with a closed-loop PWM signal for excellent proportionality and fine metering
  • Input modules to convert discrete and proportional analog sensor into CAN


Wire Remote Controls

  • Allows remote control of boom functions for optimum user operating safety and visibility.

Cab Function

  • Broad line up of displays to integrate engine and vehicle controls and diagnostic information
  • Keypad for the cab to control lighting
  • Engine and Transmission Control
  • Ability to monitor the engine and transmission

Chassis Functions

  • Head lights, brake lights, park lights, turn lights and console lights
  • Work lights (capable of driving HID lights)
  • Fans and blowers
  • Pumps
  • Wipers
  • PTO (Power Take-Off)
  • High current multiplexed relay modules to drive up to 40 amps per output

Misc Functions

  • Smart Datalogger up to 4GB with optional Wi-Fi communication to log critical events
  • Fleet management via a fully functional Telematics system including the ability to download in application code remotely to the vehicle
  • CAN Bridge modules to allow different CAN networks to safely transfer required information between networks

Future Flexiblity

  • User friendly software tools to allow you to modify and update your control system as required


Cost Effective

  • Distributing the vehicle controls will significantly reduce wiring harness and slip-ring costs
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced Warranty Cost
    • Reduced wiring
    • Robust products

Increased Performance

  • Smart load shedding allows prioritization of critical functions when multiple power requests are made by operator
  • Closed-loop current control (up to 5mA accuracy) for fine metering and a smooth swing / slew

Improved Efficiency

  • Ability to coordinate functions (lift, extend, etc.)
  • Ability to coordinate subsystem (hydraulic, lighting and powertrain) to maximize fuel efficiency

Enhanced Flexibility

  • User-friendly software tools allows you to modify functionality in the field
  • Telematics allow you to download new functionality remotely from the web
  • CAN based, distributed system allows module to be added quickly to the system
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