HED has developed custom solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of the refuse industry. In this industry we have teamed up and developed user friendly control systems that enable the end user to perform at optimal speeds with increased feedback and control of system hydraulics. Some of the byproducts of optimizing controls in this system include; decreased operator fatigue, ease of structural wear, decreased wiring, decreased weight, increased flexibility and decreased down time. 

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Potential Applications:

Arm Functions

  • Controlling arm functions with a closed-loop PWM signal for excellent proportionality and fine metering
  • CAN enabled master module converts CAN joystick message into a customized proportional output tailored to your arms needs
  • Keypads for remote and finger tip controls allow for easy mounting and operation of the arm


  • Hydraulics are optimized to increase flow and decrease wear, giving the operator less down time for packing
  • Easily adjustable auto-pack lets the driver change settings on the go

Cab Function

  • Displays are utilized for diagnostics and adjusting system settings
  • Multiplexed controls greatly reduce cab wiring and production setup time
  • Engine CAN messaging allows for better and safer control of the arm and packer systems

Misc Functions

  • Smart Dataloggers with up to 4GB and optional Wi-Fi communication to log critical events
  • Fleet management via a fully functional Telematics system including the ability to download application code remotely to the vehicle
  • Options and expandability are made simple with the expandable module platform
  • Lights are integrated into the controls for increased functionality and to decrease user risk of improper use.

Future Flexibility

  • User friendly software tools to allow you to modify and update your control system as required 


Cost Effective

  • Distributing the vehicle controls will significantly reduce wiring harness and slip-ring costs
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced Warranty Cost
    • Reduced wiring
    • Robust products

Increased Performance

  • Closed-loop current control (up to 5mA accuracy) for fine metering and a smooth swing / slew
  • LMI system can monitor the lifting condition of the vehicle

Improved Efficiency

  • Ability to coordinate functions (lift, extend, etc.)
  • Ability to coordinate subsystem (hydraulic, lighting and powertrain) to maximize fuel efficiency

Enhanced Flexibility

  • User-friendly software tools allows you to modify functionality in the field
  • Telematics allow you to download new functionality remotely from the web
  • CAN based, distributed system allows module to be added quickly to the system


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