IoT Solution Supports More Than Data to the Cloud

Construction IIoT Solution for Material Weighing Supports more than Data to the Cloud


The loading and unloading of materials with industrial equipment frequently comes with the operator question, “How much material did I handle or deliver?”  Whether material handling involves a financial transaction based on the load weight to a customer or an understanding of the operational efficiencies of the equipment and operators, it is important for material suppliers, machine operators and customers to have confidence that the proper amount of material was handled and provided.  

The Challenge

Equipment operators can use real-time load data to prevent loads from reaching levels above the safe operating range of the equipment leading to safer operations and less equipment downtime due to abuse.  Operational efficiency increases as equipment utilization, material usage and custom data is readily available to make maintenance decisions, material purchases and therefore, provides accurate load & billing data to customers.  With accurate product weight measurements at the loader there is no need for pre-weighing of trucks, trailers and equipment if the loader has the capability to precisely measure loads.  

The Solution

The team at Scale and Control Inc. (SCI) with over 50 years of experience in heavy equipment weighing has architected a modern weighing system which can be easily retrofitted to a variety of machines including wheel loaders, skid steers, front-end loaders, harvesters, forestry equipment and more.  SCI selected HED as the preferred telematics partner for the development of their WLS555 Onboard Weighing System, which can be installed conveniently to any open space on the machinery by the end-user.  SCI chose to develop a solution using HED products for the ability to customize the equipment owner and operator experience.  Additionally, having a single supplier who could provide a complete solution from telematics to the Cloud and the controller to read the sensor data. 

Sensor data is read by the HED Control Module and the data is processed and communicated to the HED CANect® Telematics module, which wirelessly transmits the data over Wifi to a Smart Device inside or outside the operator cab. This solution provides the operator with real-time information on weight of material being handled by the attachment, the type of material being handled for the job, the attachment being used to pick up the material, the total target weight to be loaded and the cumulative total of the target weight.  The real-time data allows for operators to precisely tip-off and add-to loads for accurate load weights.  No longer does the operator have to visually estimate weights based on the attachment size and amount of material.  

The Results

SCI’s customers are seeing ROI gains and benefits in operations through the following ways:

•    Increase in operators performing more loads per day
•    Reduction in operator errors regarding job/load data
•    Lower costs due to more accurate material inventory
•    More accurate data due to real-time data logging

Customer orders are tied to loads, load amount, material type and more for better data visualization and more informed decisions.

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