5 Challenges with International  Vehicle Controls and Telematics - Challenge 3: Data Privacy Laws

Countries around the world have been trying to stay in front of the continued data breaches that are happening whether personal or corporate. These breaches have pushed some companies to separate their intranet from the internet. There are other concerns surrounding the question of who owns the data, the vehicle owner or manufacturer?

In our world of mobile electronics and more specifically telematics, players from around the world are forced to open local data storage to resolve the above mentioned concern and regional standards have been implemented such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. This standard has been put into place to control the location, ownership and usage of data. Entities including Amazon Web Services (AWS), have made implementing local storage much easier allowing businesses and consumers to dictate where data is being managed and how. Today, you can rent server space anywhere in the world at a very reasonable cost. The GDPR has brought these concerns to light and how data will be managed across the globe. Recently, California implemented their own privacy act based on the GDPR and those guidelines may soon expand across the US.




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