CANect ViewTM

Access Vehicle Data On-Site from Any Device

Our CANect® modules allow you to directly connect via Wifi or Ethernet using smart phones, tablets, and PCs without having to download a single piece of software to your device. Users can program their mobile devices to interact with equipment for a variety of functions:

  • Vehicle health dashboards with rich graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Logging and exporting diagnostics and historical data
  • Interactive troubleshooting control system issues
  • Remotely controling equipment functions such as lighting, HVAC, door locks, etc. 
  • View and download service videos and equipment manuals
  • Wireless over-the-air programming and configuration


Interact with your vehicle control system wirelessly

CANect modules are pre-loaded with our standard View® application and will auto-sync to data insights on your existing module to monitor and collect data.

CANect View Screens on Phone


Store Docs, Media and More!



Build Your Own Experience

CANect ViewTM is fully customizable using standard web development languages to support unique workflows.


Example Use Cases

CANect Use Case Screens


In-cab Display Mirroring


CANect ReflectorTM

Access Vehicle Data from Anywhere in the World

CANect ReflectorTM allows you to view and communicate directly with the CANect® module on your vehicle from any internet-enabled mobile module or PC world-wide. This provides the capacity to view and troubleshoot real-time equipment functionality as if you were standing next to the equipment.  Great for remote technical support, real-time monitoring and downloading of detailed log files. 

See CANect® Telematics in action

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