Flexible Manufacturing

HED prides itself on our Lean Manufacturing environment. We believe with a good performance management system, lean principles have a proven track record of operational and strategic success, which ultimately translates into increased value to our end customers. HED is an ISO9001 certified organization.

Assembly Areas: Lean, Cellular, Flexible

HED worked in concert with the Wisconsin Manufacturers Extension Program (WMEP) to structure its manufacturing process to be cellular by design. In our value stream analysis we identified all the steps in our business process and eliminated steps that did not add value. We run a mixed-model manufacturing system which allows us to be flexible in support of each customer's varying needs. This hybrid approach, which is supported by our lean concepts, allows us to execute from forecasted demand or customer discrete orders. 

The payoff of this approach to our customers:

  • Quality: This manufacturing model results in predictable, high quality products built by operators certified through our cross-functional training matrix.
  • Shortened lead times: We are able to support customers with lead time requirements as low as 48 hours from receipt of order, utilizing KanBan concepts. When our customers need product on short notice, our cell-based layout facilitates high mix, quick turn responsiveness to supply you complex, brand-labeled, fully tested electronics.
  • Cost management: We have reduced and eliminated waste in our production process and continue to refine our total operation via continuous improvement initiatives.

Production Testing

Our in-house production test capability allows HED to validate applications with embedded test code. The units are functionally exercised with custom fixtures using proprietary circuitry, standard test boards/modules and industry standard equipment. This permits us to conduct application-specific tests to give our customers the highest level of confidence that the product they are receiving will perform in harsh operating environments.

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