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  • Programmablewith Do-It-Yourself Composer software
  • (8) 500mA sinking digital outputs
  • (8) 500mA sinking PWM outputs
  • (4) harness code inputs
  • (1) J1939 CAN ports 

Product Info:

The CL-302 is a solid-state microcontroller based module and member of the HED® CANLink® multiplexed control family.  Sealed to an IP67 level allows module to be mounted external of the cab.  This module provides powerful functionality in a compact and economical package.  The CL-302 can be programmed using HED®’s do-ityourself CANLink® Composer™ programming tool and the CANLink® Conductor™ software tool for diagnostics and field troubleshooting.  The CL-302 includes up to 16 outputs and 4 inputs.  Click to see more information on markets.


Development Tools

Configure your custom control solution using our software tools or readily available open source tools. 

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