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Electronic Controllers

Our Electronic Controllers are designed for severe duty mobile applications. They operate in J1939 CAN or CANopen systems. We offer software programming tools to enable simplified programming and setup. In addition, we provide a board support package to allow OEM's to create and use their specific tools. 



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Electronic I/O Controllers

HED offers a wide variety of controllers to support a variety of OEM requirements and applications.  

  • Master control module - contain application software and operate the vehicle control functions
  • Client IO module - communicate over J1939 or CANopen with a master control module.

Control modules are designed to be used in a variety of real-time vehicle applications. Common use for control modules is for hydraulics, engine, powertrain, transmission, lighting, HVAC and more. Search for control module options below.


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Need to Program your Control Modules?

Use our development software tools or open source options available.

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Learn how others are differentiating their vehicles.

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