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Development Tools

Program your solution utilizing our custom or 3rd party compatable software tools.

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Telematics Configuration Tool

CANect ComposerTM is a simple utility tool that allows you to rapidly configure and deploy telematics for machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of things (IoT) and data logging applications for your assets.

With the Graphical User Interface (GUI), users can quickly define their application.

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Controls & HMI Development Tools

CANLink OrchestraTM is our suite of powerful and easy-to-use development tools that work together to provide OEM's with everything necessary to design a vehicle control and HMI solution. Orchestra allows users to interact with HED controllers and build out applications. Our complete Orchestra® Suite includes Composer®, Presto®, Arranger® and Conductor®.


  • Easily setup, assign and configure IO
  • Build HMI's for displays
  • Download software to modules
  • Interface and troubleshoot with active modules
  • Set access control


  • Easy-to-Use - minimal programming experience required
  • Define Complete Control Systems - from Inputs & Outputs to CAN messaging
  • Access Blocks - for PID controllers, joysticks, ramping, etc
  • Compatible - with our wide selection of modules and user interfaces, as well as third party equipment, such as engines, valves and sensors
  • Diagnostics - get real-time views of system inputs, outputs and variables for debugging application software and wire. User configured IO imports directly into our ConductorTM diagnostic tool


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ComposerTM is our application software tool that allows users to easily setup, assign and configure IO for controllers to build a complete vehicle control system. Users can then program the controllers with our Presto software for C or C++, or with our Composer software for Ladder Logic programming languages.

PrestoTM is our software tool that allows users to program system logic in C or C++ within our Composer development environment for controller IO, or from within our Arranger development environment to build screens for displays.

ArrangerTM is our development environment for screen layout that provides users with the ability to easily create display applications by dragging & dropping widgets onto screens, including custom images, text boxes, gauges and progress bars by utilizing C or C++ and Ladder Logic.

ConductorTM is our diagnostic service tool that provides a real-time view of the system inputs, outputs and variables.


Development Phase - Engineers use conductor for debugging application software tools and wire harnesses.

Production Phase - Conduction allows users to setup system configurations and is used for downloading, calibrating, or troubleshooting.


Compatible Tools

To make things easier for you we have developed our own set of tools, but if for some reason they are not compatible with your existing system all is not lost. Select products also work with a variety of other popular development tools including Linux, Crank Storyboard, Qt Widgets and open-source tools.