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CAN Keypads

We provide standard J1939 and CANopen keypads that are programmable with our software tools. Keypads and Jog Dials offer a convenient and economical way to consolidate large mechanical switches and reduce wiring harness complexity. Choose from available options.

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HED, Inc. is thrilled to share that we have been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award for the North America Off-highway Telematics Industry Excellence in Best Practices and a 2023 OEM Off-Highway's Top New Products award for the Operator Cab category! To learn more about trends in the cab, listen to our recent discussion with Kathy Wells for the OEM Industry Summit.


Square Button Keypads

We provide square button keypads with up to 4 IO in four configurations; 2x3, 2x4, 2x6 and 4x3.

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Round Button Keypads

Choose from our organic round button keypads with 1 each IO in 2x4 or 2x8 button configurations.

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HED, Inc. HVAC panel

HVAC Control Panel

Designed for rugged applications, HED’s HVAC Control Panel is used to control and adjust temperature effectively inside the vehicle. Made of high quality ABS plastic it is light weight, fade-resistant and long-lasting.

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Jog Dial

Multi-functional with 3-axis movement control and 5 buttons.

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CAN Keypad and Jog Dial Features

Withstands Caustic Chemicals

  • Avoids damage to internal components
  • Reduces graphic distortion
  • Prevents computer damage

Shock & Vibration Resistant

  • Protects internal components
  • Reduces graphic distortion
  • Prevents computer damage

Temperature -40°C to 70°C 

  • Withstands extreme cold conditions
  • Rates in-cab to 70°C
  • Stores to 80°C

Long Life

  • Withstands repeat button presses
  • Durable computer able to perform repetitive functions

IP67 Rated

  • Protects from environmental dust
  • Secured from jetting water and waves
  • Resistant, robust encasement


Development Tools

Develop your entire vehicle system utilizing our software suite or use readily available open-source software tools. Common tools for our controllers, HMI (displays and keypads) and Telematics enables you to create an advanced system that will differentiate your vehicle.

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