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HVAC Control Panel | CL-640HVAC control panel

Designed for rugged applications, HED’s HVAC Control Panel is used to control and adjust temperature effectively inside the vehicle. Made of high-quality Polycarbonate and ABS (PC/ABS), it is lightweight, fade-resistant, and long-lasting. Perfect for any on- and off-highway vehicle needing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control.

  • Three Independent Controls 
    The three control knobs control Fan Speed, AC or Heat Temperature, and Air Vent Distribution. Outside of knob rotates, while center with icon stays static. Center of knob is a pushbutton.
  • LED Displays
    The two-digit LED display shows the current Temperature Setting while the two indicator LED lights  show mode selection (Auto or AC/Heat).
  • Heavy-Duty Haptics
    Provide easy control with haptics that provide clear operator feedback in the harshest of operational environments. Allows use with gloves and intentional changes while operating.
  • Customizable
    All wording and artwork can be modified per customer requirements. Keep your brand front and center by adding your logo to the panel above 3rd dial.

HVAC Control Panel CL-640
Control Setting 3x knobs (fan speed, AC & AC/heat, air vent distribution)
LED Indicators 2x (auto and AC/heat)
Knob Operation Non-rotational, center push, continuous outside rotation, 16 position detents
Custom Graphic Options Branding and customized graphics options
Sealing Front:  IP54  Back:  IP41
Operating Temp -40C to +70C
Connector 20-pin Molex (not a sealed connector)
Dimensions 8” x 3” x 1” (approximate)
Communication 1 CAN bus port / 3 LIN port
Operating Voltage 8-16VDC
Inputs 2x RTD(4.7K ohm)
1x Tri-State Digital
2x STG/VTD(0-5.5V)
1x PWM/VTD(0-Battery)
Outputs 1x Digital/PWM Sourcing (150mA)
3x Analog (0-Battery)
2x 5VDC Sensor Supply


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