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CANect® Telematics

A flexible, configurable end-to-end IoT solution built to enable on- and off-highway OEMs to deliver value to customers. Choose what you need to build your own solution, from hardware-only to full-stack solutions.

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Make your IoT vision come to life with CANect® Telematics. Our end-to-end solution enables OEMs to configure, deploy and manage assets easily and quickly while limiting investment and development time. Built to support a wide range of requirements, our portfolio of telematics solutions, paired with engineering support delivers everything necessary to accelerate your digital experience. The CANect® platform is designed to empower OEMs to build their own solution from hardware-only options to a full-stack solution. 


Choose Your Hardware

Our telematics devices are rugged and designed for the harshest conditions. Devices are sealed to IP67 and allow for mounting inside or outside the operator cab.

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Configure Your Solution

Maximize ROI by monitoring the health, location, and operation of their fleet when using our web-based data visualization tools. 

CANect® Portal™

Manage your entire line of machines remotely. 

CANect® View™

Give technicians or daily users on-site access.

CANect® Reflector™

A virtual on-site experience anywhere with an internet connection.


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Custom Configuration

CANect® ComposerTM is a simple utility tool that allows OEM's to rapidly configure and deploy telematics. With our intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), users can quickly define application parameters.

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Manage Your Solution

Manage recurring revenue and gain internal efficiencies with CANect® Marketplace. CANect® Marketplace is a full life-cycle monetization platform to help you manage the complex tasks of recurring revenue and billable transactions.

  • Onboard orders up to 75% faster: self-serve activation and provisioning allows for services to be up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • Reduce invoicing hours by up to 80%: save countless human resource hours by automating and simplifying complex account management
  • Avoid up to 5% of EBITDA leakage: transparent contract-based workflows and accounts receivable oversight reduces revenue leakage
  • Virtually eliminate human errors: remove the risk of over- or under-charging customers due to human errors

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CANect® Marketplace

Building blocks of Marketplace


Fleet Vehicle Tracking

  • Maximize productivity and vehicle usage 
  • Collect real-time location insights with GPS
  • Prevent theft through tracking and embedded device security
  • Provide 24/7 user engagement and customized tracking dashboards
  • Escalate unexpected machine utilization to the right people, at the right time

Remote Diagnostics

  • Enable remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Monitor vehicle remotely and reduce downtime
  • Optimize vehicle service intervals 
  • Alert operation teams through email & SMS alerts

Predictive Maintenance (Prognostics)

  • Monitor and analyze asset conditions
  • Create early notification and warnings
  • Decrease downtime

Remote Vehicle Programming

  • Perform over the air programming (OTAP)
  • Update and reprogram assets via PC or Tablet
  • Expand, limit and disable vehicle capabilities with the touch of a button


Telematics for OEMs...the time is now!

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and adaptation. For mobile equipment OEMs, the key to success for telematics has been in unlocking the potential of data and analytics. That remains important, but the focus has shifted and OEMs are now realizing that adoption of these new technologies is not enough - the delivery of a superior customer experience is also required - that’s where telematics can play a starring role. Read more

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Frost & Sullivan Award Logo

We are excited to share that HED, Inc. has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award for the North America Off-highway Telematics Industry Excellence in Best Practices!

Frost & Sullivan continually identifies and evaluates growth opportunities across multiple industries, technologies, and regions of the world. They identify companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and effectively address new challenges and opportunities. Learn more


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ECS partners with HED on collision avoidance system for Sibanye Stillwater project in South Africa

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XALT Energy’s XALT Battery Viewer (XBV) Optimizes Commercial Vehicle Performance through Monitoring Solution

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Revolutionary Solution for Monitoring Concrete Quality on Vehicle

IoT Solution Leverages Real-Time Data to Monitor Concrete Quality for CiDRA Concrete Systems

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Need Engineering Support?

Our engineers are ready to support your project.

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Telematic Services

Access to web portal, device manager and billing services for your telematics solution.

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Get Telematics Application Ideas

Learn what others OEMs are doing to differentiate their offering.

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