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We are proud to serve military and defense vehicle OEMs who make a direct impact on people's lives every day. Our engineering support runs deep to provide vehicle innovation so we can share in making a positive difference with control systems and data insights for improved technology, enhanced vehicle safety and security.

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Application Example


  • Compartment, door and seat monitoring
  • Turret and weapon control
  • Closed loop PID motor controls
  • Lighting and PTO
  • Transmission and axle control
  • High current motor drive (wiper, HVAC, lighting)
  • Power distribution


  • Lighting controls
  • Remote boom controls
  • Display navigation



  • Vehicle gauge cluster
  • Engine & Hydraulics system status
  • HVAC Controls and settings
  • PTO and lighting status
  • 360 view camera


  • Data logging
  • Over the air programming
  • Remote diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Safety and collision mitigation
  • Maintenance details (engine hours, fluids, tires)



Application Examples

Light Tactical



Medium Tactical



Heavy Tactical




All Terrain





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Pierce Fire Apparatus Integrates Controls and Telematics All-in-One Command Zone

Pierce Mfg utilizes connected WI-FI module to control, calibrate, log data, troubleshoot and reprogram its fire truck Command Zone III control system

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