HED has developed custom solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of the telescopic material handling industry, including a complete envelope control system. From controlling the hydraulically driven boom functions to controlling lights and auxiliary attachments, HED can provide a complete multiplexed solution that will reduce the cost and complexity of your telescopic material handler.

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Potential Applications:

Boom Functions

  • Controlling boom functions with a closed-loop PWM signal for excellent proportionality and fine metering
  • Input modules to convert discrete and proportional analog sensors into CAN
  • Ability to have coordinated X-Y motion and electronic self leveling of the forks

Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) / Load Moment Indicator (LMI)

  • Display boom configuration, actual load, and rated load
  • Provide function lockouts when operating in unsafe conditions
  • Allow user to define additional envelopes to further define safe working areas
  • Utilize HED smart dataloggers to record unsafe operation events


  • CAN based keypad to simplify the wiring for driving your outriggers

Cab Functions

  • Broad line up of displays to integrate engine and vehicle controls and diagnostic information
  • Keypad for the cab to control auxiliary features such as attachments and lighting
  • Ability to control and monitor the engine and transmission
  • Electronic joystick control of the boom functions (lift, extend, fork tilt, frame tilt, etc.)

Misc Functions

  • A camera that could be mounted at the end of the boom coupled with a display in the cab would provide an operator with better visibility during load placement at difficult heights
  • Smart Dataloggers with up to 4GB and optional Wi-Fi communication to log critical events
  • Fleet management via a fully functional Telematics system including the ability to download application code remotely to the vehicle
  • Complete envelope control using a 32 bit processor
  • High current power modules to drive lights and wiper (up to 40 amps per output)

Future Flexibility

  • User friendly software tools to allow you to modify and update your control system as required 


Cost Effective

  • Distributing the vehicle controls will significantly reduce the vehicle wiring harness especially for function at the end of the boom
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced Warranty Cost
    • Reduced wiring
    • Robust products

Increased Performance

  • Closed-loop current control (up to 5mA accuracy) for excellent fine metering and smooth boom control
  • Ability to coordinate functions (lift, extend, etc.) to the fork allowing movement in the horizontal and vertical directions with ease
  • Electronic fork leveling allowing the operator to auto level the fork before picking up a pallet

Improved Efficiency

  • Ability to coordinate subsystem (hydraulic, lighting and powertrain) to maximize fuel efficiency

Enhanced Flexibility

  • User-friendly software tools allows you to modify functionality in the field
  • Telematics allow you to download new functionality remotely from the web
  • CAN based, distributed system allows modules to be added quickly to the system
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