5 Challenges with Vehicle Controls & Telematics - Challenge 4: Coding Practices

From the days of old to now, we have seen people and companies go from a very possessive stance on development of software to a more open, collaborative team environment known as open source. This has sped up development of proven, reliable coding that is tested through various applications. Mobile electronics have seen a similar shift. In the past, the development tools used varied depending on regional preference and what company established themselves and their tools first. As we become even more global, we have to develop products specific to each region making open source tools easier for everyone to use. Software development environments such as Codesys, QT and Crank Storyboard are examples of tools that allow users to develop over a variety of hardware platforms. Although these tools are not Open Source, they allow users to learn and understand one tool. As more and more development tools like Codesys, QT and Crank Storyboard and Open Source options become available, they allow coders to develop across a variety of hardware platforms. As we become more global, there is a greater need to develop products specific to different regions and some countries are slow to adopt these new tools creating development challenges. As competition grows around the world, we have access to more developer tools based on our experience and skillsets than ever before, rather than limiting us to locally available choices. Manufacturers must adapt to the different needs of the regions and experience levels, making it nearly impossible to satisfy everyone’s development needs.





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