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What to Consider When Designing an IoT Solution

Part 2: Telematics and Data Collection

Telematics starts with the collection of valuable data. This collection can be acieved both on and off the machine and relates to those elements that play a role in how the machine performs its job. On machine data can come from discrete sensors, a CAN network or a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) such as a display or keypad. Many of today's machines are communicating more information through the asset than one could imagine. Consider something as simple as a check engine light and how many different issues that could mean. From emissions requirements to overheating, that one light indicates numerous potetial issues. But how do you think the machine knows when to turn on? It knows because the valuable data that is being collected within the machine tells it to.


While there is a ton of data inside of a michine, it's not always enough to know the full story since the machines are performing individual jobs or tasks as part of a larger plan. In addition, they are impacted by off machine elements that can affect how the machine performs and ultimately, the job at hand. Factors like weather, inventory levels, material logistics and scheduling services all play a large role in the efficiency of a machine and are extremely valuable to individuals expecting a job to be completed properly and on time. While the data necessary to measure and monitor these elements are not part of a vehicle, they are very important to the performance of work being completed by the machine and should be considered when designing your telematics solution.





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Meet The Author

Chad Repp is the Business Development Manager of the CANect Telematics product family at HED where he works closely with internal and external customers to design, develop and implement best-in-class end-to-end Telematics solutions. Chad has over 20 years of asset mobility experience specifically in solution architecture and design. Prior to joining HED, Chad was the Manager of Business Development & Strategic Planning for Verizon Wireless supporting various end-to-end solutions focused on Telematics and IoT.

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