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OEM Meets Tier 4 Engines Emissions Regulations for Mixed Fleet with Controls Solution

Vehicle OEMs are responding to the recently enacted regulations for diesel fuel additives and other emission controls (Interim Tier 4 engines).  One of HED’s customers utilized these regulations as an opportunity to redesign their entire rough terrain (RT) platform – supporting both the older engine design for International sales while using the newer engine for the US.


The challenge brought to HED was to provide a single solution (control module and software) for the entire RT platform – all 6 models (different hydraulic packages), both engine types, electric and hydraulic joysticks, 12 or 24 VDC coupled with a variety of hydraulic transmissions.
Along with the regeneration notification and DEF sensors required for Tier 4 engines, HED also added the feature to notify the operator of any active engine faults – not just a red or amber lamp but the specific codes that are active.

The Solution

HED’s CL-103 control module was selected as the system master, allowing the system to utilize the redundant CAN system for CANLink® module communication (two CAN ports per module), while maintaining a separate CAN line for Engine/J1939 communications.
The system also shows the versatility of HED’s CANLink® modules – from the I/O modules controlling the carrier lighting (10–15A outputs) to the turntable module utilizing HED’s 2-wire constant current control for all craning functions. The 2-wire constant current provides very precise output current control to achieve the fine metering that operators expect from best-in-class equipment.
All of the software was developed by a HED engineer working with engineers from the OEM. We utilized HED’s Orchestra® software suite, which allows the OEM to take ownership and update the software to add additional features.


One vehicle platform, 6 vehicle models, 2 engines, various transmissions and a combination of hydraulic and electric joysticks; and one comprehensive solution. HED was able to provide our OEM with a flexible control system for all of their RT cranes.