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Leading Refuse OEM Adds Control Functionality to Joystick for Reduced Costs and Increased Performance and Reliability

Leading Refuse OEM utilizes HED's CL-306 control module to communicate with old and new competitor joysticks.

One of HED's key customers in the Refuse market needed an alternative CAN-based joystick for multiple vehicle control applications; one due to the joystick being obsolete and the other due to supplier quality issues. 


  1. A need to reverse-engineer the 2 languages in the existing control system, and be able to communicate with the old controller in addition to a competitor's controller.
  2. A  need to use a standard CAN-based joystick that communicates via J1939 so that future changes can be made more simply.
  3. Translate code from the J1939 Standard to controller's anticipated structure.


HED's customer engineered an innovative solution that could read a J1939 joystick and translate the message into a controller specific message for each one of the issues they where having.  Armed with the right controller, the customer was able to use HED's Composer™ application programming tool to add the necessary control functionality. 


The module and application helped to alleviate communication issues with joystick vendors and standardized capabilities for one joystick manufacturer reducing overall cost while increasing performance and reliability.