Develop Your Own CANect® Solution 

Creating an efficient and informative telematics system is no small task and can create questions like:  What data do I collect?  How often do I collect it?  What do I do with the data?  How do I present it effectively?  Our team of  Application Engineers can help you develop a telematics strategy that drives ROI for you and your customers. 

1. Begin by selecting the right hardware for your application. Choose from Cellular, WI-FI or smart datalogger

2. Define a data management strategy:

  • Data collection 
    • How to provide immediate notifications and alerts
    • Understanding what parameters to monitor and how often
  • Data processing and storage
    • Where to store data for immediate and future use
  •  Data presentation
    • How to create a compelling and useful dashboard
    • Formatting & reporting  that allows users to take intelligent action
  • Data access
    • Who gets the data necessary for their job and when?
    • How to establish user hierarchy and data access

3. Utilize CANect ViewTM to create an on-vehicle wireless vehicle management experience.

4. Create an on-vehicle WiFi service tool for maintenance personnel.

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