CANect ComposerTM

CANect ComposerTM is a utility tool that allows telematics solution developers to rapidly develop and deploy assets in the field. With the Graphical User Interface (GUI), a user can define:

  • Application and service enablement - telematics, data logging, Reflector, Wifi, etc.
  • CAN message collection (ID/value, rate, unit type, etc.)
  • Transmission rate & path
  • Over the Air programming logic
  • On module sensors collection

Composer® offers features that promote universal CAN protocol capabilities along with common J1939 protocol support such as DM1 messaging and equipment VIN. In only a few steps, you can develop your telematics solution:


1. Choose Your Module

Select Your Module


2. Configure Your Features and Connectivity


3. Develop Your Equipment Interface


Composer also has features that allow users to easily replicate work that they have already completed.

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