CANect PortalTM

Process, Present & Archive data to effectively manage your fleet from anywhere using our web portal solution

Maximize your Telematics ROI

This means getting critical information to the right people, from anywhere, anytime. Data needs to be presented in an easy to consume, get-me-to-the-issue quick format.  Our CANect® web portal allows you to create straightforward dashboards for all system users.  Maintenance techs can view data trends and prognostics, while fleet managers can view operator performance and machine utilization.

Data is cloud based, completely secure and redundant

Using our web portal, this capability works with both CANect® GSM and WI-FI products.  Managing your fleet to optimize ROI, enhance safety and quickly address issues has never been easier.   CANect Portal offers the following features:

  • Set hierarchical user rights (set user credentials and define what they can see)
  • Data presentation is web-based, easy to configure UI to your requirements
  • Over-The-Air programming, via our ReflectorTM tool, allows you to update and reprogram your vehicle from any web-based connection in the world
  • Geofencing and Curfewing features can be configured for each asset
  • E-Notifications allow you to receive instantaneous notifications (text or email) on mission critical issues such as low fuel
  • Export data to Excel files for additional analysis
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

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