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How to Define Your IoT Solution - Segment 1: Personas

In my previous blog “What to Consider when Designing an IoT Solution” I discussed the functional elements of Telematics (collection, transmission, aggregation, visualization, & storage)  and  ended by proposing the question  “What value do you want to provide to your customer?”.  Answering this requires defining the customer types or personas that will benefit from machine data and identifying the best application for your machine environment (asset or fleet). With this information, you will gain an understanding of how customers want to use data: across one system or many systems, and for how long they will require it.  


If you think that your list of personas includes the machine operator, owner, fleet manager, or technician you are partially correct.  In reality, there are even more “user-types or customers” looking to leverage telematics data to help improve logistics challenges, deliver parts faster, and many more use cases.  With Telematics this model of identifying user-types has expanded and shifted to include many other customer types that are impacted by the operations of a machine.  I categorize these customers into four segments, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Owner/Operator, Dealership/Services, and Industry Partners.  Let’s take a closer look at these segments and the value that Telematics provides for each:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Research & Development: Validates how a machine is being used in the field to aid in developing a better machine
  • Warranty:  Decreases claims based on operator miss use.  Identifies systemic issues and implements resolution campaigns
  • Sales:  Proves machine ownership history to increase resale value. (ie CarFax, certified like new, etc.)
  • Support:  Remote diagnostics provides better visibility of issues prior to dispatching specialized technicians
  • Manufacturing:  Programming/testing of vehicle systems within production line to support just –in-time customizations and validation
            Owner / Operator
  • Operator: Notifications of pending break downs, required maintenance, and safety
  • Fleet Manager:  Coordination of fleet increasing productivity, prognostics
  • Safety/Security:  Theft detection, performance of unapproved work, validation of safe use
  • Maintenance: Condition-based maintenance, site coordination decreasing down time
            Dealers & Services
  • Parts: Remote diagnostics of what parts required. Preemptive ordering based on vehicle performance
  • Rental: Self-serve rental (user manuals, remote access, etc.). Theft/loss detection
  • Service: Dispatch technician with proper tools/parts.  On-site & Remote serviceability
           Industry Partners
  • Logistics Teams: Near-real time view of asset location and condition to align with incoming/outgoing material shipments (i.e. cement trucks, iron beams, etc.)
  • Worksite Management: Improve workflow/processes (machine, consumables, worksite preparation, etc.) while on worksite
  • Finance & Insurance: Usage base leasing, good operation discounts

Once you have clarity on the persona that will use the telematics data and their specific needs, you can build a telematics experience that drives clear benefits such as lower vehicle downtime, improved operator performance and vehicle productivity.  HED starts each customer engagement with defining the persona needs to drive solution requirements and development of a high ROI solution.   




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Meet The Author

Chad Repp is the Business Development Manager of the CANect Telematics product family at HED where he works closely with internal and external customers to design, develop and implement best-in-class end-to-end Telematics solutions. Chad has over 20 years of asset mobility experience specifically in solution architecture and design. Prior to joining HED, Chad was the Manager of Business Development & Strategic Planning for Verizon Wireless supporting various end-to-end solutions focused on Telematics and IoT.

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