CANect® Telematics: Track, Monitor and Manage Your Vehicles 24/7


CANect® Overview 

HED’s CANect®  Telematics portfolio lets you create a complete telematics strategy that suits your customer base, all customized to your application.  The CANect portfolio is a complete suite of hardware, software and web portal tools that give you complete control of your assets in the field.  

CANect Benefits

  • Lower cost of vehicle ownership
  • Increase uptime
  • Improve operator performance & safety
  • Prognostics for maintenance

CANect empowers you with a broad array of vehicle and fleet management tools:

Vehicle Tracking:  

  • Real time street-level GPS-based location data
  • Determine if vehicle is in use or not
  • Geographic parameters: Geo-Fencing, Curfew Management

Remote Diagnostics:

  • Remote trouble shooting via our Reflector tool before you send service personnel
  • Reduces the time your vehicle is out of operation
  • Vehicle status and health: Monitor all pertinent CAN data
  • Set alarms: Custom alerts can be sent via text, email or voice to enable immediate action (i.e., low fuel)

Predictive Maintenance (Prognostics):

  • Detect warning conditions before vehicle is damaged or inoperable
  • Lower maintenance costs by sending the right people and parts to the job

Remote Vehicle Interaction:

  • Update and re-program system from your computer or tablet
  • Vehicle disablement
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