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Watch our videos to learn how CANect® Telematics can provide you and your customers better visibility into your assets' health, operations, and location to help increase revenue and decrease costs.

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CANect Composer - A Telematics Configuration Tool


CANect Composer™. is a do-it-yourself telematics configuration tool that allows telematics solution developers to rapidly develop and deploy assets in the field. With the Graphical User Interface (GUI), a user can perform:

•  Application and service enablement - telematics, data logging, Reflector, Wifi, etc.

•  CAN message collection (ID/value, rate, unit type, etc.) •Transmission rate & path

•  Over the Air programming logic

•  On module sensors collection

Composer® offers features that promote universal CAN protocol capabilities along with common J1939 protocol support such as DM1 messaging and equipment VIN. Schedule a Virtual Demo Today.

CANect Overview Videos

CANect Telematics Overview

Overview: Gain better visibility into your assets' health, operations, and location to help increase revenue and decrease costs.

What is CANect Telematics?

Overview: Learn about remotely monitoring & managing your vehicle fleet with the most flexible telematics system available.

CANect - Key Benefits

Overview: Maximize vehicle uptime & minimize breakdowns. Increase efficiency & safety by monitor operator behavior. 

CANect - Unique Benefits

Overview: Capture up to 20 data points at 10ms intervals & display data directly from the CANect web portal.   

CANect - Advantages

Overview: Set alerts through the CANect web portal, then receive those alerts via internet, text or email. 

CANect - Portfolio

Overview: CANect is a complete telematics solution, including hardware, software tools, and a secure, customizable web portal. 

CANect PortalTM Training

A video tutorial series intended to guide you through the use and best practices for CANect Portal™

CANect Portal - Setting Up Your Theme

Overview: Learn how our CANect Portal allows you to apply your branding colors, logo and preferences.

CANect Portal - Groups & Hierarchy

Overview: Learn to structure groups and hierarchy to manage access of devices, assets and users in your CANect portal.

CANect Portal - Users & Roles

Overview: Learn how to add users and roles or group assignments in CANect Portal. 

CANect Portal - Onboarding a Device

Overview: Learn how to add a new on-vehicle Telematics module into your Portal for tracking.

CANect Portal - Creating an Asset

Overview: Learn how to create and add a new asset to your portal. 

CANect Portal - Asset Templates

Overview: Learn how to create asset templates that you can use over and over. 

CANect Portal - Over the Air Updates

Overview: Learn how to do updates to your CANect portal Over the Air.

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