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HED Expands into Sealed CAN-Based Keypads

Hartford, Wisconsin – HED Inc. announces the newly released addition to our series of Sealed CAN-Based Keypads. The second member of this family is a 4x3 configuration (CL-608), which joins the initial 2x6 (CL-607) keypad.  Both are solid-state microprocessor-based keypad modules that are members of the HED CANLink® multiplexed controller family. They provide a versatile, robust (IP-67 rated), programmable, and highly visible operator interface.
Designed for use as part of a distributed system, the CL-608 has the ability to handle 4 additional inputs/outputs which can dramatically reduce vehicle dashboard wiring and complexity. Each the 12 buttons are completely configurable, including custom icons, button backlighting, various LED colors, and individually dimmable. Additionally, buttons can be programmed to flash codes for simple troubleshooting and warning indications.  
The CL-608 can be programmed using HED’s do-it-yourself CANLink Composer™ programming tool or isavailable with standard J1939 CAN messaging, and is designed for use with the CANLink Conductor™ software tool for diagnostics and field troubleshooting. HED will be releasing 2x4 and 2x5 series variants next year.
HED Inc. is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of mobile electronic controls utilizing the highest technology and quality standards. Our mission is to provide substantial market differentiation to our OEM customers’ on and off-highway mobile vehicles through superior electronic control solutions that enhance vehicle performance and maintainability while reducing development cost and time-to-market.  For more information visit us at or call 1-800-398-2224.