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Learn the benefits of our solutions, product training and why we have developed long term relationships with our customers.

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What It's Like to Work With Us


Corporate Videos

Intro to HED

Overview: Our rugged electronic control solutions reduce cost of ownership, improve productivity, safety and more.

Our Controls SDP

NPD Process: Learn about our New Product Development (NPD) process based on Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methodology.

Our Testing Capabilities

See our testing capabilities based upon industry standards and our product development experience.


Telematics Videos

What is CANect® Telematics?

Overview: Gain better visibility into your assets' health, operations, and location to help increase revenue and decrease costs.

Telematics Configurator Tool

Overview: CANect Composer™ is a do-it-yourself telematics configuration tool that allows telematics solution developers to rapidly develop and deploy assets in the field.

CANect Telematics Benefits

Overview: Maximize vehicle uptime & minimize breakdowns. Increase efficiency & safety by monitor operator behavior. 

CANect® Unique Benefits

Overview: Capture up to 20 data points at 10ms intervals & display data directly from the CANect web portal.   

CANect - Advantages

Overview: Learn about CANect's advanced configurability. Set alerts using the web portal via text, internet or email.

CANect® is a World Leader 

Overview: CANect is a complete telematics solution, including hardware, software tools, and a secure, customizable web portal.


Training Videos

Build Your Control Strategy

Orchestra® is a complete suite of user-friendly software tools to quickly and effectively implement your vehicle control strategy.