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HED, Inc. to Aid in Covid-19 PPE Shortage

Two of HED’s employees have collaborated on efforts to help support local Wisconsin hospitals and medical facilities in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies. Matt Starr and Jon Lobert have been using 3D printers at home and for production of components at HED for years. Now they have a chance to use the machines to make a positive difference in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

After learning about the requirements for production of protective face masks from the National Institute of Health (NIH), Matt and Jon immediately began producing the front shields for the masks along with clips to hold them on. Over the past couple of weeks the project has morphed to accommodate different needs of medical staff including the addition of support pieces that prevent rubbing behind the wearer’s ears, and now the creation of respirators.

The PPE materials HED is creating are being distributed to local universities and hospitals. Sources indicate the need for protective equipment will continue as the number of cases are monitored.

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