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Life Line Emergency Vehicles utilizes HED control technology

Life Line Emergency Vehicles and HED, Inc. (Hydro Electronic Devices) are excited to announce the release of the G3 Elite Touch System©. This collaborative development resulted in an ambulance electrical control system that maximizes vehicle up-time and enhances operator performance while reducing operational costs, leading the way for the ambulance of tomorrow.

The Life Line system incorporates HED’s new third-generation 7” graphical touch-screen display. This new display boasts an 800MHz ARM Cortex8 processor and 4GB of flash memory. The system also utilizes an HED Wi-Fi control module for wireless intelligent vehicle functions, including vehicle maintenance, system diagnostics and reprogramming. The Wi-Fi module also features an 800MHz ARM Cortex8 processor and 4GB of flash memory, along with 2 CAN ports for interfacing to vehicle and control CAN buses. The addition of these two new components into the existing HED control system will allow Life Line to deliver the most technically advanced system in the industry while utilizing field-proven HED controller hardware.

The new 7” graphical display incorporates on-board diagnostics, allowing vehicle technicians to verify system functions such as input and output diagnostics on-screen without having to plug in extra diagnostic equipment. The display brings several performance improvements, including reduced system boot-up time, feature-rich operator control screens and updated icons with automotive styling. The LCD screen incorporates a new anti-reflective touch screen with a glass bonded overlay that reduces external light glare and provides accurate touch control.

New Front EMT Driver’s Control Screen and New Rear EMT Control Screen:

The new HED Wi-Fi module enables EMS personnel to remotely control perimeter flood lighting, rear heat & air-conditioning and remote keyless entry all via their connected device. Ambulance maintenance personnel also benefit from this system by wirelessly monitoring the life remaining on service items based on hour service interval rates, and to wirelessly reprogram the control system with any updates. And should there be any system-level issue, the on-device website also offers full system diagnostics for inputs and outputs without the need for special diagnostic hardware and software tools. The information needed to operate and maintain the new G3 Elite Touch System© is all available on Life Line’s new Wi-Fi connected SMART ambulance website. The HED Wi-Fi module runs an embedded Linux operating system that allows it to parse CAN data from the 2 available CAN ports, store the data in a local database and display live and logged data on a locally hosted Wi-Fi network and web site. The locally hosted Wi-Fi network eliminates the need for data plans and cellular connections. The locally hosted web site allows for live and logged CAN information to be displayed on any smart phone, tablet or PC that has a Wi-Fi connection and an HTML5 compliant web browser.

HED's CL-T04 Wi-Fi Module:

 Tablet screens for: On-Vehicle Website Navigation, HVAC Control, Perimeter Flood Light Control, Output Diagnostics

Jake Spiegel of Life Line Emergency Vehicles states, “We live in a technically evolving world. Our phones are smarter. Our cars are smarter. The next logical evolution is a smart ambulance. The ability to get real-time feedback on system and circuit status and to control functions remotely allows ambulance services and personnel to get the absolute maximum benefit out of their Life Line Ambulance.”

Life Line Emergency Vehicles, located in Sumner, IA has been providing high performing ambulances nationwide since 1985. HED, founded in 1986, is located in Hartford, WI and provides rugged CAN based controls, displays and keypads to on- and off-highway OEM’s around the world. For more information, please contact John Kitzerow at HED,

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